Order of the Black Dagger

Welcome to the Order of the Black Dagger's website.

About us:

We are a PvP-focused organization that seeks to better itself through exploring all forms of small-midsized gang combat New Eden has to offer. While we can usually be found in or near Minmatar space, we are an inherently mobile organization, with capital and industrial logistics enabling us to deploy anywhere in EVE with only a few days' notice.

Rules of Engagement:

The Order of the Black Dagger operates NBSI in all area of space except for Minmatar highsec.


While we are not die-hard RPers, our corporation has roots in the Minmatar Republic and Ushra'Khan. As such, we do not actively engage neutrals in Minmatar highsec, or known pro-minmatar entities such as the Minmatar militia.

If you wish to make contact with us ingame, please join our public channel: Dagger Pub.